This workshop will bring together researchers from academia and industry to study the capabilities of existing and upcoming quantum computers. Topics will include protocols for characterizing quantum noise, as well as tailoring fault-tolerance protocols to more concrete noise models. The other theme will be proofs of quantumness and other near-term algorithms suitable for such computers, as well as algorithms for scalable fault-tolerant quantum computers.

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Invited Participants

Scott Aaronson (University of Texas at Austin), Stephen Bartlett (University of Sydney), Kerstin Beer (Macquarie University), Sergio Boixo (Google Research), Natalie Brown (Quantinuum), Dan Browne (UCL), Soonwon Choi (MIT), Jens Eisert (Freie Universität Berlin), Joseph Emerson (IQC, University of Waterloo, and Quantum Benchmark Inc.), Manuel Endres (Caltech), Michael Foss-Feig (Quantinuum), Dominik Hangleiter (QuICS (UMD/NIST)), Brad Lackey (Microsoft), Mikhail Lukin (Harvard University), Ashley Montanaro (Phasecraft and University of Bristol), Christine Muschik (Waterloo), Michael Newman (Google), Niomi Nickerson (PsiQuantum), Shruti Puri (Yale University), Eleanor Rieffel (NASA Ames Research Center), Kunal Sharma (IBM), Krysta Svore (Microsoft), Maika Takita (IBM Quantum), Kristan Temme (IBM), Benjamin Villalonga (Google Inc), Susanne Yelin (Harvard University)


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