Quantum Colloquium

Quantum Colloquium

This colloquium series features talks by some of the foremost experts in quantum computation in the form of "an invitation to research in area X". With the explosion of interest in quantum computation, there is a dizzying flurry of results, as well as a diverse group of researchers who are drawn to this field. This colloquium series aims to target three audiences: 

  1. Experts in quantum computation: It is increasingly difficult for even experts to keep up with the results in adjacent areas. These colloquia will aim to identify the key results and techniques in the area, as well as the most important directions for further research. 
  2. Interested researchers in (classical) theoretical computer science: There are deep connections between ideas in quantum computation and classical complexity, algorithms, etc. These colloquia aim to make these connections more accessible to the broader TCS community. 
  3. Interested mathematical and physical science (MPS) researchers: These colloquia aim to enable MPS researchers to cut through the clutter to make connections to CS style results in quantum computation. 

Public Zoom webinar link: https://berkeley.zoom.us/j/97697182729

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Speakers: Oded Regev (NYU)

Panel Discussion: Craig Gidney (Google), Peter Shor (MIT) and Vinod Vaikuntanathan (MIT)