Supratik Chakraborty

Supratik Chakraborty

Professor, IIT Bombay

Supratik Chakraborty is Bajaj Group Chair Professor in the Department
of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay, where he is also a
Principal Investigator in the Centre for Formal Design and
Verification of Software. He received a B.Tech. (Honours) from IIT
Kharagpur, an M.S. and a Ph.D. from Stanford University, and spent a
year as Member of Research Staff at Fujitsu Laboratories of America
before joining IIT Bombay as a faculty member.

Supratik's research interests include constrained sampling and
counting, automated synthesis, formal verification, automata theory
and logic. He is particularly interested in the development of
scalable algorithmic techniques with strong guarantees for reasoning
about different computational models. He has served as PC co-chair of
FSTTCS 2011, ATVA 2012, VSTTE 2019 and Highlights 2023, is a Fellow of
the Indian National Academy of Engineering, a Distinguished Member of
ACM and a Distinguished Alumnus Awardee of IIT Kharagpur.

Program Visits

Extended Reunion: Satisfiability, Spring 2023, Visiting Scientist
Theoretical Foundations of Computer Systems, Spring 2021, Visiting Scientist
Extended Reunion: Theoretical Foundations of Computer Systems
Formal verification, constrained counting and sampling, automated synthesis, automata theory, logic