Antonina Kolokolova

Associate professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Antonina Kolokolova is a faculty member in the Computer Science Department at the Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada). She obtained her PhD in 2005 from the University of Toronto, under the supervision of Stephen Cook. Before taking her current position, Antonina was a postdoctoral researcher at the Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic, and at Simon Fraser University (Canada). Her main research interests are in theoretical computer science, in particular, computational complexity theory, mathematical logic and proof complexity. Antonina is also interested in the connections between theory and neuroscience.

Program Visits

Logic and Algorithms in Database Theory and AI, Fall 2023, Visiting Scientist
Meta-Complexity, Spring 2023, Visiting Scientist
Extended Reunion: Satisfiability, Spring 2023, Visiting Scientist and Program Organizer
Satisfiability: Theory, Practice, and Beyond, Spring 2021, Visiting Scientist and Program Organizer
Lower Bounds in Computational Complexity, Fall 2018, Visiting Scientist
The Brain and Computation, Spring 2018, Visiting Scientist
Fine-Grained Complexity and Algorithm Design, Fall 2015, Visiting Scientist
Computational complexity, logic, algorithms, proof complexity, finite model theory