Nima Anari

Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Nima Anari is an assistant professor of computer science at Stanford University. He received his PhD in computer science from UC Berkeley in 2015, and BSc in mathematics and computer engineering from Sharif University in 2010.

Nima is a theoretical computer scientist, with interests in algorithm design, analysis of Markov chains, and geometry of polynomials. His research exploits mathematical tools such as high-dimensional expanders and analysis of generating polynomials to design fast algorithms for high-dimensional discrete sampling and optimization problems. Nima has received a STOC Best Paper Award, a Google Faculty Research Award, an NSF CAREER Award, and a Sloan Research Fellowship.

Program Visits

Analysis and TCS: New Frontiers, Summer 2023, Visiting Scientist
sampling algorithms, high-dimensional expanders, probability, geometry of polynomials