Michal Moshkovitz

Research Scientist, Tel Aviv University

Michal is a postdoc at Tel-Aviv University hosted by Yishay Mansour.
Prior to joining TAU she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Qualcomm
Institute of the University of California San Diego. Her interests lie
in the foundations of AI, and in the last two years she has been
studying the mathematical foundations of explainable machine learning.
Michal received her PhD from the Hebrew University and an MSc from
Tel-Aviv University. During her PhD, Michal interned at the Machine
Learning for Healthcare and Life Sciences group of IBM Research and
the Foundations of Machine Learning group of Google. Michal has been selected as a 2021 EECS MIT Rising Star, the recipient of the Anita
Borg scholarship from Google and the Hoffman scholarship from the
Hebrew University.

Program Visits

Summer Cluster: Interpretable Machine Learning, Summer 2022, Visiting Scientist