Martin Otto

Professor, TU Darmstadt

Martin Otto's research interests primarily lie in connections between mathematical logic, model theory, combinatorics and the expressibility and complexity of structural properties. Before his appointment in 2003 as a professor in mathematical logic and the foundations of computer science in the department of mathematics at TU Darmstadt, he held a position as reader in theoretical computer science at Swansea University in Wales. His academic background also encompasses earlier interests in geometry and mathematical physics (with a diploma thesis under the supervision of H. Roemer in Freiburg), abstract model theory (his dissertation under H-D Ebbinghaus, also in Freiburg) and, eventually, a focus on finite model theory (leading to his habilitation in E. Graedel's group at RWTH Aachen). One theme that bridges some of these varied interests is that of similarities and symmetries of structures and associated notions of indistinguishability based on logic and games.

Program Visits

Logical Structures in Computation, Fall 2016, Visiting Scientist