Joao Marques-Silva

Research Scientist, University of Toulouse

Joao Marques-Silva is a Research Chair of the Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute (ANITI), of the Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse, France. Joao Marques-Silva has experience in the areas of Boolean Satisfiability, Constraint Programming and Formal Methods, with recent work on applying formal reasoning methods for explaining the predictions of ML models and for computing interpretable ML models. Before being affiliated with ANITI, Joao Marques-Silva was affiliated with the University of Southampton, University College Dublin, and the University of Lisbon. Joao Marques-Silva is a Fellow of the IEEE and the recipient of the 2009 CAV Award.

Program Visits

Satisfiability: Theory, Practice, and Beyond, Spring 2021, Visiting Scientist