Franca Hoffmann

Professor, California Institute of Technology

Franca Hoffmann is a Bonn Junior Fellow at University of Bonn (Germany), and AIMS-Carnegie Research Chair in Data Science at Quantum Leap Africa, AIMS Rwanda. After completing her PhD at the Cambridge Centre for Analysis at University of Cambridge (UK) in 2017, she held the position of von Karman instructor at California Institute of Technology (US) from 2017 to 2020. Her research is focused on the applied mathematics/data analysis interface, including developing rigorous mathematical tools for data analysis in the context of inverse problems, Bayesian inference and machine learning, unsupervised and semi-supervised learning, graph Laplacians and their continuum counterparts, spectral analysis, uncertainty quantification and consistency analysis. Another focus lies on partial differential equations and their applications, including non-linear drift-diffusion equations, kinetic theory, many particle systems, gradient flows, entropy methods, optimal transport, functional inequalities, parabolic and hyperbolic scaling techniques and diffusive models in mathematical biology.

Program Visits

Geometric Methods in Optimization and Sampling, Fall 2021, Visiting Scientist