Dana Moshkovitz Aaronson

Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin

Dana Moshkovitz is an associate professor of Computer Science at UT Austin. Her research is in Theoretical Computer Science. Much of it focuses on the limitations of approximation algorithms and probabilistic checking of proofs.

Dana did her PhD at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. Her thesis co-won the Nessyahu Prize for best math PhD thesis in Israel in 2009, and part of this work was awarded the FOCS 2008 Best paper. Dana went on to spend a couple of years at Princeton University and the Institute of Advanced Study before joining MIT as an assistant professor. Dana is the recipient of the Jerome Saltzer teaching award of MIT EECS.

Program Visits

Analysis and TCS: New Frontiers, Summer 2023, Visiting Scientist
probabilistically checkable proofs, pseudorandomness