Christian Borgs

Professor, UC Berkeley

Christian Borgs is a professor of computer science in the AI Group (BAIR) at Berkeley. His work lies at the boundary of statistical physics, probability, combinatorics, and CS. His current research is mainly about network/graphs, from statistical network models to processes and algorithms on networks, with earlier research on phase transitions in statistical physics and combinatorial optimization including questions of computational efficiency near phase transitions. He is best known for the theory of graph limits and graphons, which he co-invented together with Chayes, Lovasz, Sos and Vesztergombi. More recently, he has started to work on fairness in AI, and very recently, has started to analyze the interplay of network structure with the spread of an epidemic.

Program Visits

Sublinear Algorithms, Summer 2024, Visiting Scientist
Sublinear Algorithms
Network structure, processes on networks, information diffusion, epidemics, fairness