Abba Gumel

Professor, University of Maryland, College Park

Abba Gumel is a Foundation Professor at the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Arizona State University. He received his PhD in mathematics from Brunel University London. He was a Full Professor in the Department of Mathematics, University of Manitoba, Canada, before becoming Foundation Professor of Mathematics at Arizona State University in 2014. His research work focuses on the qualitative theory of nonlinear dynamical systems, with emphasis on the transmission dynamics and control of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. He has held various administrative positions, including the Deputy Director of Mathematical and Computational Modeling Sciences Center, Arizona State University, Director, Institute of Industrial Mathematical Sciences and Secretary of the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematical Society. Professor Gumel has written over 160 peer-reviewed publications, mentored numerous graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and edited three books. He received numerous research awards and honors, including the 2021 Bellman Prize, and presenting the 2021 AMS Einstein Public Lecture in Mathematics.

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